Miguel Ruivo

Miguel Ruivo

Present Technologies | Software Engineer
Mobile developer. Organizer of @FlutterPortugal . Part-time teacher. Fond traveler and coffee addicted.

Miguel Pereira Ruivo is a mobile developer at Present Technologies. He graduated as Software Engineer and has soon become particularly interested in mobile development, with a keen interest in its architectures and technologies. Hence, he soon started working with Android & iOS native SDK, and currently he has essentially been devoted to Flutter Google’s framework.
Nevertheless, and due to his proficiency in system level languages, he has also been acting as supporting teacher of C & C++ at the Apostar em TI intensive course, for embedded systems.

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12:30 | Grand Auditorium

Flutter: a revolution in mobile cross-platform development

In a world where mobile apps are almost as important as the air we breathe, there are several cross-platform frameworks promising a faster and productive development of demanding and complex applications. Despite it not being an easy task, Google’s open-source framework – Flutter – promises to go a step further amongst its competitors.
With Flutter, you can use Google’s rich Dart language to produce and speed up your mobile cross-platform apps maintaining a single code base for both Android & iOS, whilst offering top tier tools out-of-the-box. This results in an app that follows each platform’s look & feel guidelines, without compromising performance.