Speaker Category: featured

Simon Ritter

Azul Systems | Deputy CTO
Deputy CTO at Azul Systems. Spreading the word on Java and JVM technologies, far and wide.

Nicolas Frankel

Exoscale | Developer Relationships Manager
Developer Advocate @Exoscale. Also architect, developer, teacher/trainer, book writer, speaker & blogger. Lifelong learner https://leanpub.com/integrationtest

Marcus Biel

Clean Code Academy | Evangelist
Java Clean Code Evangelist, International Speaker, Java Author, JCP Member, Director of Developer Experience at Red Hat, Proud husband and father.

Mercedes Wyss

Produactivity | CTO
Full Stack Developer, CTO at #Produactivity, @groundbreakers, @Auth0Ambassador, @JDuchessGT and @502Devs Community Leader. Duke's Choice Award

Natalia Tepluhina

GitLab | Senior Frontend Engineer
Senior Frontend Engineer @gitlab | @GoogleDevExpert | @vuejs official community partner | @VueVixens CTO | coffee lover

Burr Sutter

DevNexus Founder
Java Champion, @DevNexus founder, Live-Demo Trapeze Artist, CodeCaster, true believer in open source, community, and developers who change the world−rock on!

Paulo Lopes

RedHat | Principal Software Engineer
Vert.x core developer, father of three, definitely not a robot!

Venkat Subramaniam

Founder Agile Developer, Inc.
Programmer , author, speaker, founder Agile Developer, Inc., creator of agilelearner.com , professor of CS at U of Houston

Emily Jiang

Runner, mum to Emma and Adam, works with MicroProfile, Java, Jakarta EE and Conference speaker. Java Champion.