Speaker Category: Talk

Darek Gusto

Vue School / Vue.js Core Team | Community Manager
Vuejs core team member, currently on a #tourdevue to meet local developers around the world.

Chris Thalinger

Twitter | VM Team
@Twitter #TwitterVMTeam | ⏮: @Oracle , @SunMicrosystems | @LavaOneConf organizer | @HawaiiJUG leader | @Java_Champions | @groundbreakers | insta: christhalinger

Elizabet Oliveira

Soundtrackor | CPO and Co-founder
I'm just a friendly geek! Senior UX Designer / Developer? @optum | ??‍? @Dublin_UX | Creator of React Kawaii ?

Jeff Scott Brown

Grails and Micronaut | Co-founder
Object Computing Partner and Practice Lead, Grails and Micronaut

Jean-Louis Monteiro

Tomitribe | Director of Engineering
Java EE advocate and evangelist, passionated by the Open Source and the Apache Software Foundation. Director of Engineering @Tomitribe National Handball Referee

Danny Preussler

Sporttotal.tv | Head of Mobile Engineering
Mobile Crafter @SportTotalTv, Google Developer Expert for Android + Kotlin, Speaker, Geek, Goth, Cyborg, Previously @Viacom @Groupon @eBay, ♡ TDD ♡ Clean Code

Ricardo Ferreira

Confluent | Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate @ Confluent. Brazilian, Husband, Dad and Software Engineer, but not necessarily in this order. Opinions are my own.

Miłosz Piechocki

SumoLogic | Senior UI Engineer
Father and husband; frontend developer at Sumo Logic; functional programming enthusiast; public speaker; loves ⛰️ hiking.

Roy Derks

City of Amsterdam | Senior Frontend Developer
Public Speaker #reactjs, #GraphQL, #ReasonML and #ReactNative. Senior Frontend Developer @AmsterdamNL, Technical Founder #SwitchBay. ? hello@hackteam.io