Speaker Category: Talk

Alexandre Chopin

Author of @nuxt_js β€’ Community partner of @vuejs β€’ CEO of @orion_hq

Simon Ritter

Azul Systems | Deputy CTO
Deputy CTO at Azul Systems. Spreading the word on Java and JVM technologies, far and wide.

Tom Cools

Info Support NV | Software Engineer
Software Engineer | Conference speaker πŸ—£οΈ | Java Focussed | Teacher and Trainer πŸ‘¨β€πŸ« | Always looking for another nerdy adventure!

Sendil Kumar

Xebialabs | Full Stack Developer
@xebialabs | @webpack | @java_hipster | @rustwasm | Authorβœ’ | Speaker | #WebAssembly | #opensource FTW | Code πŸ’» | Coffee β˜• | Father πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§

Andy Gumbrecht

PHOENIX CONTACT | Senior Engineer & Software Architect
Occasionally fly myself off a cliff between many sips of JavaEE @ApacheTomEE PMC. #Microprofile . Tweets are a robot hacking my account...

Nicolas Frankel

Exoscale | Developer Relationships Manager
Developer Advocate @Exoscale. Also architect, developer, teacher/trainer, book writer, speaker & blogger. Lifelong learner https://leanpub.com/integrationtest

Anton Arhipov

JetBrains | Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate @ JetBrains. TeamCity, IntelliJ IDEA. Java Champion. Co-host of @razbor_poletov podcast. Co-host of http://devclub.eu

Marcus Biel

Clean Code Academy | Evangelist
Java Clean Code Evangelist, International Speaker, Java Author, JCP Member, Director of Developer Experience at Red Hat, Proud husband and father.

David Gomes

MEMSQL | Software Engineer
Portuguese Software Engineer at @memsql, previously @unbabel