Anton Arhipov

Anton Arhipov

JetBrains | Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate @ JetBrains. TeamCity, IntelliJ IDEA. Java Champion. Co-host of @razbor_poletov podcast. Co-host of

Anton is a Developer Advocate at JetBrains. Working with TeamCity and IntelliJ IDEA. Sometimes programming in Java and Kotlin. Professional interests include programming languages, middleware, and developer tooling. Java Champion since 2014. Co-organizer of, a local developers community in Tallinn.

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15:25 | Grand Auditorium

IntelliJ IDEA tips & tricks

Modern IDEs are quite complex. Even IDE developers say that they sometimes discover new features only while reading the IDE’s code. And does this sound familiar: your colleague is trying to find a class in the project tree, and he doesn’t remember the name of the class, and so you are trying hard to scream: “Just press Ctrl+Shift+E!!!“ Generally, developers just use IDE and so often do not utilize the power of automated refactorings, shortcuts, fast navigation, and other awesome features that IDEs provide. The audience will learn a lot of tips and tricks, and a lot of different shortcuts will be also covered.