Danny Preussler

Danny Preussler

Sporttotal.tv | Head of Mobile Engineering
Mobile Crafter @SportTotalTv, Google Developer Expert for Android + Kotlin, Speaker, Geek, Goth, Cyborg, Previously @Viacom @Groupon @eBay, ♡ TDD ♡ Clean Code

Danny is a mobile developer by heart. Danny signed the Software Craftmanship manifesto and could speak about unit testing all night. That’s also his favorite topic when speaking or writing about Android. Danny was in charge for Android for eBay’s classifieds, the Groupon merchant team and Viacom. Before Android came along he programmed for mobile phones and every device that could run some kind of Java.

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16:40 | Mondego

Java vs Kotlin

Kotlin is bypassing all other JVM languages with incredible pace. In Android development, it is already the language to use! But Java also evolved in meantime. Let’s look at Kotlin and compare its features side by side.