Elizabet Oliveira

Elizabet Oliveira

Soundtrackor | CPO and Co-founder
I'm just a friendly geek! Senior UX Designer / Developer? @optum | ??‍? @Dublin_UX | Creator of React Kawaii ?

Elizabet is a designer who likes to code. As a ReactJS enthusiast, she built and maintains the React-Kawaii library. A library that won the award for Fun Side Project of the Year during the React Amsterdam Conference!
Currently, she’s working as Senior UX Designer for Optum, Dublin.
Her mission is to bridge the gap between front-end and design

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14:25 | Almedina

An SVG’s tale

Developers and designers don’t often use all SVG superpowers in their React applications.
This way, to drive your inspiration, I am going to tell you the story of an SVG image that one day made a very special friend – ReactJS. Alone and despised by its family, SVG yelled

Enough! Now you’ll see what I’m all about!

And with this epic scream, little SVG unveiled all its superpowers. She took her friend React and they showed the world how to come up with creative solutions together.