Marcel Cutts

Marcel Cutts

Asgard | Founder
Standard human meat bag. Founder of | Organiser of @ReasonLDN | Cyberpunk enthusiast

Marcel is a vagabond software engineer whose work has ranged from providing software for satellites, to developing zombie based fitness apps for millions of users. He can often be found courageously flinging himself at emerging technologies to explore what’s all hype, what has substance, and what gives you the biggest hipster cred.

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10:25 | Almedina

How to draw an owl…

OK so you’ve gotten to grips with JavaScript typing basics, and you want to use them in anger. You see talks with titles that include words like “Profunctor Lenses” and shrug. You want to get to that level but for now you’re just trying to make types help you create something marvellous.