Roy Derks

Roy Derks

City of Amsterdam | Senior Frontend Developer
Public Speaker #reactjs, #GraphQL, #ReasonML and #ReactNative. Senior Frontend Developer @AmsterdamNL, Technical Founder #SwitchBay. 📩

Roy Derks is a startup CTO and Senior Frontend Developer at the City of Amsterdam. In his “free” time he likes to share his knowledge with the JavaScript community on Twitter and during meetups, workshops and conferences.

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15:25 | Almedina

From REST to GraphQL: Wrapping Existing APIs in a Single Endpoint

Your frontend developers are pushing to get started with GraphQL, but you don’t have the backend capacity to migrate your existing REST APIs to GraphQL? Or you want to have a GraphQL API next to your existing endpoints that are based on REST? In this talk I’ll show how to create a Node.js/Express server that wraps existing REST APIs into one single GraphQL endpoint.