Vânia Santos

Vânia Santos

Critical Software | Senior Backend Developer

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12:55 | Grand Auditorium

From monolith to microservices architecture

Microservices architecture is one of the largest debates in the software community, with pros and cons about the use of such concept to implement new applications and systems from scratch.
But what can take old monolith systems to move to this architecture taking into account the time and effort needed to do so? From where to begin?
Monolith systems share APIs, persistence data, have difficulty on scaling and adding new features without impacting all the ecosystem they live in. Can microservices be the answer?
In this talk we propose to talk about DDD and how CQRS straight connection with eventing-driven architectures can solve some of the major monolith problems in real world.
At the end, we expect the audience to have a better knowledge of this architecture and it’s concepts.